“As a Canadian musician who often tours in Europe with a collective-built band, it’s occasionally difficult to find a drummer capable of stepping in with ease. Owen Williams’ finest ability is not only to put his own personal stamp on everything he plays, but to also be instantly comfortable with the material before I’ve even arrived. I’m not too interested in playing songs as they appear on the records, and Owen’s proven himself a worthy collaborator in mussing things up to keep our on-stage time together exciting and new. At risk of having to share him, I’d prompt anyone to play with this mighty fine fellow. I’m proud to have Owen as a member of my group, and know you will too.” – Mark Andrew Hamilton, Woodpigeon

“Owen Williams is a versatile perfomer. The reason I would prefer him to most other drummers is that he listens to the music, gets into it and makes a great effort to make the end result sound great, rather than focusing solely on his playing and how his drums sound. This has more to do with musical ambition and ego rather than sounding good – he is meticulous about his drums sound. He spends a great amount of time tuning his drums and choosing the right cymbals, which I always think is a very good thing, and I normally work closely with him on preparing songs before we start playing. That is also a great way to work, for me at least, to be able to speak about what we want to do before we start actually playing. This involves trying things out, talking about ideas, listening to recordings by other artists, and so on.
Owen is a very dynamic drummer, that´s also one of my favourite things. He really uses the whole loudness spectrum, which makes it possible to play soft parts of songs without everything going completely to zero, and it makes the loud parts more powerful, when you feel where the loudness is coming from, it´s not on or off, but great use of the dynamics of the drum kit.” – Benedikt Hermann Hermannsson, Benni Hemm Hemm

“Owen is one of the most talented musicians I’ve had the luck to work with. Always creative and innovative, with a style that moves easily between poles as wide as Jim White, Adrianne Davies or Steve West, Owen is consistently professional, quick to learn, adaptable, and a total pleasure to have around.” – Rob St John, Rob St John

“Owen Williams rose to the occasion heroically when needed to learn a full set of new material THE DAY OF THE CONCERT, with less than an hour to rehearse in somewhat improvised circumstances…I found his performance to be stunningly spot on and look forward to many more- as a drummer he’s a driving force, playing with the passion needed to set the stage on fire, a joy to work with all around!” – Arrington de Dionyso, Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa, (K records)

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